Spartan Quark Configuration

Spartan Quark Configuration 1.00

Spartan Quark is capable of delivering exceptionally consistent yaw rates
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The Quark is a high specification model helicopter gyro capable of delivering exceptionally consistent yaw rates even at eye-blurring speeds of over two full turns per second. The control is smooth and precise with a very solid feel and impressive holding power. The stopping characteristics give a nice soft, but precise response with no bounce back.
Main features:
- Market leading tail hold and pirouette consistency
- Small and lightweight
- Designed for all helicopters; from the smallest electric to the largest nitro
- Compatible with all digital tail servos (760us, 960us and 1520us)
- Offers 250Hz, 333Hz and ultra-high 560Hz servo frame rates
- Superior MEMS sensor technology
- Optional advanced configuration via computer or PDA
- Firmware upgradable
- 12bit A/Digital Converter.
In addition the Quark can be connected to a computer offering access to more advanced parameters including yaw acceleration, deceleration, stop gain and many more.

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